S�nia Frota
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Welcome to my web site!

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Professor at the Department of Linguistics, School of Arts and Humanities, Universidade de Lisboa. Director of the Phonetics and Phonology Laboratory and of the Lisbon Baby Lab. My research focuses on Prosody in language, comprising phrasing, intonation, and rhythm, and using laboratory-based approaches. Prosody is a fascinating domain, as it comprehends sub-syllabic units to sentence-level or even discourse-level units, it interfaces with morphology and syntax, it is relevant to information structure, language processing, or human interaction, and it plays a crucial role in language acquisition. In my work, I study phrasal prosody and intonation, seeking to understand the properties of prosodic systems, the extent to which they vary across and within languages, and how they are acquired by infants. I also study how prosodic cues may help bootstrapping the learning of language, and may function as early markers of language impairment.

I support LingOA - Linguistics in Open Access. Read more.

Dutch Presidency Conference on Open Science, Amsterdam April 5, 2016

ULisboa/CGD scientific award for Language Sciences (July, 2016) [See here]


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