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Full Professor at the Department of Linguistics, School of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon. Scientific coordinator of the Center of Linguistics of the University of Lisbon. Director of the Lisbon Baby Lab. Executive Director of the Mind-Brain College. Editor-in-chief of Journal of Portuguese Linguistics, and Associate Editor of Phonetics. My research focuses on early speech perception and language development, and on prosody in language. Language acquisition, typical and atypical, is a challenging and exciting research field. Prosody is also a fascinating domain, as it comprehends sub-syllabic units to sentence/discourse-level units, it interfaces with segmental phonology, morphology and syntax, it is relevant to information structure, language processing, or human interaction, and it plays a crucial role in language acquisition. In my work, I seek to understand the properties of prosodic systems across and within languages, and how they are acquired by infants. I also study how prosody may help bootstrapping the learning of language, and may provide early markers of language impairment. I am particularly interested in multisensory constraints on language acquisition, both in typical development and in clinical populations. My research is strongly rooted in multidisciplinary collaborations, and in partnerships with health, education and parent institutions.

Workshop on Infant Language Development (WILD) 2024 hosted by the Lisbon Baby Lab

Dutch Presidency Conference on Open Science, Amsterdam April 5, 2016 I support LingOA - Linguistics in Open Access. Read more.

ULisboa/CGD scientific award for Language Sciences 2021 (Received on June 2022) [see here]

ULisboa/CGD scientific award for Language Sciences (July, 2016)


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