Second Workshop on Early Language
in NEUROdevelopmental Disorders


Lisbon, August 29, 2022


There are at least 10 major hotels within walking distance to the venue (between 10 and 25 minutes) and more than 250 within 10-30 minutes by public transportation, with excellent price-quality ratio (from 45€). Several highly recommend hostels can also be found (from 10-15€). University residences are available within walking distance (10 to 20 minutes), both for students and faculty. Illustrative examples are provided below (average cost for a double room/night):
Within walking distance to the venue: 

- VIP Inn Berna Hotel (3*)
From 45€ (distance 1,9 km) 

- Hotel Alif Campo Pequeno (3*)
from 50€ (distance 2,3 km)
The Hotel Alif Campo Pequeno was founded in 1992 and has an excellent location in the city of Lisbon, near the bullring Campo Pequeno, benefiting from easy access to public transportation. 

- VIP Executive Zurique Hotel (3*) 
From 55€ (distance 1,9 km)
Strategically located near the financial and business center of Lisbon, and only a few minutes away from the historical center and from Lisbon's International Airport, VIP Executive Zurique Hotel has 252 rooms that represent the essence of convenience and comfort. 

- VIP Executive Villa Rica Hotel (4*)
from 55€ (distance 1,4 km)

- Hotel 3K Europa (4*)
from 70€ (distance 1,8 km)   

- Hotel Roma (3*)
From 80€ (distance 2,2 km) 

- Sana Executive Hotel (3*)
from 100€ (distance 2,8 km)
The Art Deco Sana Executive Hotel is located in one of the new areas of Lisbon, within walking distance of some major visitor attractions; like the world famous Calouste Gulbenkian Museum. 

- NH Lisboa Campo Grande (4*)
from 110€ (distance 1,1 km) 

- SANA Metropolitan Hotel (4*)
from 125€ (distance 1,3 km) 

- Lisboa Marriott Hotel (4*)
from 135€ (distance 1,4 km)

University residences
- Residência Nossa Senhora da Paz (Student/Faculty residence) 
Average cost per bed/night 19-22€  (distance 1,5 km)

- University Residence (Student/Faculty)
T0, 1 person 30€; T1, 1-2 people 40€ (distance 0,8 km)
- Other student residences in Lisbon (some also within walking distance) Average cost per bed/night 10-22€ Other options (average cost per person/night 10-15€):

- Hub Lisbon Patio Hostel
(distance 2,7 km, 6 minutes by underground) 

- Lisboa Central Hostel
(distance 3,4 km, 11 minutes by underground) 

- De Leite Hostel
(distance 2,7 km, 15 minutes by underground) 

- Lisbon Chillout Hostel
(distance 3,7 km, 19 minutes by underground)

- Sant Jordi Hostels Lisbon
(distance 4,4 km, 21 minutes by underground) 

 - City Guesthouse Alfama
(distance 5,8 km, 27 minutes by underground)





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