About the course [pdf]

Professor: Sónia Frota

Important dates

Research project assignment: 16th December, 2015
Final exam: 13th January, 2016

Course materials

  • Sound inventory and phonetic transcription [pdf I]
  • Sound distribution: syllables and words [pdf I]
  • Sound distribution: variation in consonants and vowels [pdf Ia] [pdf Ib] [pdf II] [pdf III]
  • Sound distribution: words and phrases [pdf I]
  • Sound distribution: phrases [pdf I] [pdf II] [pdf III]
  • Sound distribution: phrases (cont.) & research project [pdf I]
  • Sound and meaning: the contribution of prominence [pdf I]
  • Word stress in European Portuguese [pdf I]
  • Sound and meaning: phrasing and intonation [pdf I] [sounds]
  • Sounds of rhythm [pdf I]
  • Sound variation in Portuguese: sound inventories [pdf I]
  • Sound variation in Portuguese: intonation [pdf I]
  • Revisiting the sound patterns of Portuguese [pdf I] [exercises]


Hanulikova 2010 [pdf]