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CDS_EP - A lexicon of Child Directed Speech for European Portuguese from the FrePoP database (0;11 to 3;04) 

CDS_EP - Um léxico de Discurso Dirigido à Criança para o Português Europeu, a partir da base de dados FrePoP (0;11 to 3;04)

 (Portuguese CDI supporting documents)


DEPE Project (PTDC/CLE-LIN/108722/2008)
Laboratório de Fonética & Lisbon Baby Lab
Centro de Linguística da Universidade de Lisboa

CDS_EP was based on a section of the Child Directed Speech materials included in the FrePoP database: (see About > The input of FrePoP: List of corpora)

This child directed speech resource was built as part of the supporting documents for the McArthur Bates Communicative Inventories (CDI) for European Portuguese - Short forms. The main goal behind CDS_EP was to provide information of the child input relevant to the development course of lexical acquisition. Lexical frequency lists (word forms, not lemmatized) were obtained with the FreP tool (Martins, F., M. Vigário & S. Frota. 2011. FreP - Frequency in Portuguese. Version 3.0.).

CDS_EP contains frequency lists for the following age ranges (organizes alphabetically and by frequency rank):

CDS_0-18 (types: 2714; tokens: 48746)

CDS_16-30 (types: 5951; tokens: 201871)

CDS_31-36 (types: 2009; tokens: 23078)

CDS_37-40 (types: 1558; tokens: 12923)

CDS_0-40 (types: 7634; tokens: 286618)


CDS_EP comprises data from eigth caregiver-child dyads.


For more information, please read about CDS_EP and/or contact labfon AT To use CDS_EP, contact labfon AT CDS_EP is publicly available resource for scientific, educational and clinical purposes.


How to cite CDS_EP:

Frota, S., M. Cruz, F. Martins & M. Vigário. 2013. CDS: A lexicon of Child Directed Speech from the FrePoP database (0;11 to 3;04). Lisboa: Laboratório de Fonética. CLUL/FLUL. ISBN 978-989-95713-8-9. ISLRN 468-779-277-600-8.