Outreach activities


bulletThe Phonetics Laboratory pursues its activity with three aims in mind:  
bullet education/training (undergraduate and graduates at 2nd and 3rd levels)

service to the community.

 Service to the community

bulletExpertise in the field of Forensic Phonetics and Forensic Acoustics
bulletStatements of Opinion (about specialised subjects)
bulletConsultancy (in specialised fields)
bulletMaking tools available
bulletMaking databases available
bulletBuilding tools or developing specific functions in tools already in use (pending contract agreements)

bulletInstitutions interested in drawing up agreements with the Phonetic Laboratory, which are effected through the Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon (FLUL), for supplying services in the field of research, education/training, or to the community, should contact the Phonetics Laboratory at

labfon@letras.ulisboa.pt    Tel: +351-21-7920052 (ext. 11311); Fax: +351-21-7960063


Our choices:

bullet 'Music: Sounds of Speech (Sons da Fala)


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