Linguistic Diary of Luma Database: online phonetic transcriptions

Supported by the Projects POCTI-SFA-17-745, PTDC/LIN/70367/2006,
PTDC/CLE-LIN/108722/2008, FCT - Portugal

Frota, S., M. Vigário & R. Jordão  (2008) LumaLiDaOn (Version 1).
Lisbon: Laboratório de Fonética da FLUL [ISBN: 978-989-95713-0-3; ISLRN 710-484-042-477-2]

Frota, S., M. Vigário & R. Jordão (2012) LumaLiDaOn (with prosodic labelling).Version 2.
Lisboa: Lab.Fonética, CLUL/FLUL. [ISLRN 371-971-843-120-0]

Collaborators: Marisa Cruz, Susana Correia, Teresa Costa

Short description 

    LumaLiDaOn (Version 1) was the first version of the Linguistic Diary of Luma, an European Portuguese Child. The Diary consists of nearly daily online phonetic transcriptions of child speech made by the parents, both of them trained phoneticians and phonologists. The database structure contains the following fields: (A) phonetic transcription of child utterance; (B) adapted phonetic orthography of child utterance; (C) phonetic transcription of the target; (D) orthography of the target; (E) utterance meaning; (F) notes on the context of production; (G) date of child utterance; (H) child age. Fields from (I) to (R) were empty and are intended to include codification on different aspects of the grammar as they are studied by different researchers (in version 1, only Field R includes some information, such as sentence type). Field (S) is devoted to general comments. Version 1 of the database has 5191 entries produced between 01;01.26 and 03;00.07 (with a total 17.229 words). The database is in Access format.

    LumaLiDaOn (Version 2) includes data until 3;04, together with the labelling for prosodic phrasing of all the data (Field O). The Version 2 of the database has 6426 entries (with a total of 22521 words).

Transcription criteria (pdf file)

User agreement:

    Please read this user agreement carefully before using LumaLiDaOn. By using LumaLiDaOn, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this agreement.

    Usage of LumaLiDaOn entails knowledge and acceptance of the following: (i) usage is restricted to academic research and teaching activities; (ii) users are obliged to always refer to the source as Frota, S., M. Vigário & R. Jordão (2008) LumaLiDaOn (Version 1). Lisboa: Laboratório de Fonética da FLUL or Frota, S., M. Vigário & R. Jordão (2012). LumaLiDaOn (with prosodic labelling).Version 2. Lisboa: Lab.Fonética, CLUL/FLUL. (; (iii) users agree to contribute to the database with any codification of the data that results from using the data in their research, thus making such information available to the research community; (iv) the authors of the database will notify users about the addition of new information to the database, and information provided by users will always refer to its source as indicated by the user; (v) authors would appreciate user feedback on any aspect of LumaLiDaOn.

    To use the database, please register first by sending an e-mail to labfon AT with the following information: name, institutional address, e-mail address for contact. You will be sent a message with instructions on how to access the database file.


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