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McArthur Bates Communicative Inventories (CDI) for European Portuguese 

Short forms



DEPE Project (PTDC/CLE-LIN/108722/2008)
Laboratório de Fonética & Lisbon Baby Lab
Centro de Linguística da Universidade de Lisboa

Authorization to develop European Portuguese (EP) adaptations of the CDI instruments granted by the CDI Advisory Board in August, 2012.

Current work is primarily focused on the development of short form instruments for Level I and Level II. Both short forms are available since November, 2012, together with the set of criteria and the data used in the construction of the forms (the later includes a production lexical database of child speech, between 0;11 and 3;00, comprising 69.324 tokens, a child directed speech corpus, and 124 parent reports on prior versions of the forms). Besides the general guidelines for construction of the CDI instruments, the short forms are informed by the lexical, morphological and phonological language-specific properties of EP: for example, word frequency, word shape distribution, stress patterns, syllable types and complexity.

More information on the CDI supporting documents:

PLEX5 - A production lexicon of child speech for European Portuguese;
CDS_EP - A lexicon of Child Directed Speech for European Portuguese from the FrePoP database (0;11 to 3;04).

The norming study is now concluded. The study included parental reports of 836 children between 8 and 30 months. Details on the method followed can be found in Frota, Severino, Butler & Matos, 2013 [workshop]. Final results, including growth curves and normative percentile tables for girls and boys (fitted scores) can be accessed from the MacArthur-Bates Communicative Development Inventories for European Portuguese - Short-forms website [link].

For further information, please visit the CDI website.

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