Student travel grants

With the support of ALP and other funding bodies, a number of travel grants will be available to students whose work has been accepted for presentation at LabPhon16 (up to 300€ for students traveling within Europe, and up to 500€ for students traveling from outside Europe). To be eligible, the following conditions must be met:

1. Be the sole author, or first and presenting author of an accepted oral or poster presentation
2. Demonstrate that no (or little) financial support is available from the institution the student is affiliated to or other funding body to cover registration and travel expenses (i.e., a letter from the supervisor or the institution may be required)

To apply, please send a message to with the subject ‘Student travel grant application’ and include the information requested in 1 and 2 above.

*Deadline for applications: April 20, 2018*

The following institutions and companies are funding LabPhon16 student travel grants: Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, ADFLUL, NDI - Northern Digital. NDI - Northern Digital is offering one student travel grant of 400€ to be selected among the applications potentially related to NDI technology in speech research.

New: IPA Student Awards

The IPA is co-sponsoring LabPhon16. IPA is offering up to five Awards of €150. Applicants for these Awards must be (1) sole author or first and presenting author of an oral or poster presentation accepted by LabPhon16, and (2) an eligible student member of the IPA: student member, unemployed member, member under age 35, or member from a low-income-level country. Applicants may join the IPA at the time of application, as long as the membership can be confirmed before an Award is made.

To apply for an Award, eligible members of the IPA should send to the Secretary (Gerry Docherty, and to the Chair of the Conference Sponsorships and Student Awards Committee (Katerina Nicolaidis, an email that states their name, current academic affiliation (if any), how they are eligible for an Award (student member, or other eligible category), and for student members, the name and email address of an academic supervisor. The email should be accompanied by the abstract that has been accepted for oral or poster presentation at LabPhon16 and by the confirmation of acceptance from the conference organizers. The deadline for applications is ***April 15, 2018***. Abstracts will be reviewed by the Conference Sponsorships and Student Awards Committee and decisions will be made by April 25, 2018. For student members, the Award will cover the student early registration fee. For other eligible members, the Award will cover part of the regular early registration fee.