Research on prosodic, intonational and rhythmic variation in Portuguese is presently very limited. This project aims at developing research and applications in this domain, within a program of international scope that proposes a system for prosodic analysis of speech corpora, together with a set of methodological procedures that enable cross-linguistic work on prosodic variation in language. It arises as a natural consequence of much ongoing work in the last decade within the Phonetics Laboratory of the University of Lisbon and other collaborating groups.

One of the project's main outputs consists of an Interactive Atlas of the Prosody of Portuguese, freely accessed online. The Atlas will include, among other things, maps showing the distribution of varieties as to the observed phrasing preferences, tonal density, intonational typology, and rhythmic properties; annotated sentences for intonation and phrasing; prototypical examples of the different sentence types from the different regions, with corresponding F0 traces and spectrograms; training materials; a list of resources for research on Portuguese intonation; and methodological information.
The Atlas aims to fully cover European Portuguese, varieties of Brazilian Portuguese along the Atlantic Coast as well as varieties of the Portuguese spoken in Angola.

Extensions/applications of InAPoP are currently in progress.

InAPoP - Interactive Atlas of the Prosody of Portuguese
Coordinator: Sónia Frota
Funded by FCT
ISLRN 596-167-619-923-0

Citation | Frota, S. and M. Cruz (Coords). (2012-2015) Interactive Atlas of the Prosody of Portuguese Webplatform [].