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09:15 On-site registration
09:45 Opening
10:00 Carlos Gussenhoven
Radboud University Nijmegen
Geographical variation in intonational phonology and phonetics in the Netherlands
10:50 Ben Hermans
Meertens Institute
Maintaining a tone universal
11:20 Coffee break
11:40 Sam Hellmuth, Rana Almbark
University of York
Question prosody in Arabic dialects: a first overview
12:10 Verònica Crespo-Sendra, Marisa Cruz, Joelma Castelo, Sónia Frota
Universidade de Lisboa
Asking questions across European and Brazilian Portuguese varieties: information-seeking and counterexpectational yes-no questions
12:40 Lunch
14:00 Marco Barone1, Joelma Castelo2
1UFPE, Recife/Universitat Pompeu Fabra, 2Universidade de Lisboa
High pre-tonic falls in Northeastern Brazilian varieties: may a prenuclear high target spreading rightward re-categorize as a nuclear leading tone?
14:30 Kalyan Das, Shakuntala Mahanta
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
Variation in Prosodic Phrasing in Bodo
15:00 Flaviane Fernandes-Svartman1, Nádia Barros2, Vinícius dos Santos1, Joelma Castelo2
1Universidade de São Paulo, 2Universidade de Lisboa
Intonational phrasing across varieties of Portuguese
Coffee break & Poster session
16:30 Giuseppina Silvestri
University of Cambridge
Epenthesis of -/ə/ prosodically licensed? Evidence from southern Italian dialects
17:00 Marina Vigário, Nuno Paulino, Pedro Oliveira
Universidade de Lisboa
Prosodic Variation in EP: the contribution of Vowel Sandhi and Glide Insertion
17:30 Sónia Frota, Pedro Oliveira, Marisa Cruz, Marina Vigário
Universidade de Lisboa
P_ToBI: tools for the transcription of Portuguese prosody
18:00 Pedro Oliveira1, Pedro Palma2, Nádia Barros1, Bruno Neto1, Marisa Cruz1, Sónia Frota1
1Centro de Linguística, Universidade de Lisboa, 2 Centro de Estudos Geográficos, Universidade de Lisboa
Mapping variation in European Portuguese: intonation, phrasing, and rhythm
18:30 Closing session

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