Tools for the transcription of Portuguese prosody
Prosodic variation

Recent studies have found three main dimensions of variation across Portuguese varieties: the inventory of nuclear contours (i.e., with nuclear configurations varying in form and/or meaning), intonational phrasing (i.e., with varying phrasing preferences) and pitch accent distribution. The first two dimensions have already been touched upon in previous sections. This final section is thus devoted to pitch accent distribution (PAD).

PAD relates to the way pitch accents (and tonal events in general) are distributed within utterances, and this reflects the prosodic domain that regulates such distribution. In some Brazilian varieties, there is nearly a one-to-one pitch accent / prosodic word distribution (e.g., in some Southern varieties). In the other extreme, a sparse pitch accentuation characterizes the Lisbon variety of EP with almost no IP-internal pitch accents. The examples below illustrate the kinds of variation in PAD found across varieties of Portuguese.

  Standard European Portuguese   Brazilian Portuguese
  Guinea-Bissau Portuguese  

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