Tools for the transcription of Portuguese prosody

In this section, you are invited to train and exercise your knowledge of Portuguese prosody and your transcription skills. P-ToBI is a system for the transcription of the intonational and prosodic grammar of Portuguese. Given that a transcription is an analysis of the intonation system of the language under study, the primary goal is to discover what the distinctive intonation categories of the target language or variety are. Perception plays a crucial role in this task, because sound-meaning relations are mainly structured through the perception of the ambient language. Thus the training includes identification and discrimination tasks, designed to train the ear to the sounds of Portuguese prosody.

The training is organized into four sections: (i) Prominence; (ii) Modality; (iii) Phrasing; and (iv) Tones. Along the training, you will get a score that allows the monitoring of your performance.

The training concludes with an actual transcription task. Please follow the instructions and enjoy.