Frequency Patterns of Phonological Objects in Portuguese - Research and Applications

Workshop on Frequency in Phonology

Organized by the FreP Project (PTDC/LIN/70367/2006)
Laboratório de Fonética
Centro de Linguística da Universidade de Lisboa

October, 26
Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa
Room 5.2

Program (download pdf here ; see Abstracts here)

10.30 Joan Bybee (University of New Mexico)
A typology of sound change: phonetic properties and frequency effects

11.30 Niels Schiller (Universiteit Leiden)
Psycholinguistic studies of frequency effects in language production: Behavioral evidence

12.30 Lunch

Session on Project outputs and results
14.00 Marina Vigário & Fernando Martins
The FreP tool

14.35 Marisa Cruz, Sónia Frota & Marina Vigário
The FrePOP database

15.10 Marina Vigário, Sónia Frota & Fernando Martins
Frequency in language acquisition: tokens or types?

15.55 Coffee break

16.30 Sónia Frota, Charlotte Galves, Marina Vigário & Verónica Gonzalez-Lopez
Frequency and the phonology of rhythm from Classical to Modern Portuguese

17.15 Sónia Frota, Marina Vigário, Fernando Martins, Marisa Cruz, Nuno Matos & Nuno Paulino
Frequency patterns of European Portuguese: corpus size, spoken/written language, region, and education

18.00 Final comments, by Joan Bybee and Marina Nespor
General discussion

20.00 Dinner